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~*~The UEO Tavern~*~

Welcome Beneath The Surface

The UEO Tavern
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The year is 2039.

After their return from Hyperion in 2032, the crew of seaQuest returned home to find the world they once lived in had left them behind.

Picking up the pieces, they moved on with their lives, with or without the UEO. For some, they met family members they never knew. Others struggled to deal with the loss of everyone they had known.

These are their stories, this is their world.

The UEO_Tavern is an RPG (Role Playing Game).

If you want to play, please post a detailed bio of your character. New members are admitted by a 2/3 vote of the moderators, or by a personal reccomendation from a current member.

Canon Characters Already Taken:
Cleo Walker
Jim Brody
Lucas Wolenczak

Original Characters:
Joey Brody-Riley
Jasper Riley
Natalie Bridger-Wolenczak